Gear up physically and mentally for your next big leap

Make your idea happen


It's easy enough to have an idea. It's another thing to make that idea happen. 


Registering for that race, accepting the speaking opportunity, applying for that promotion, putting the deposit down on that backcountry ski trip - that's the easy part. Then the reality hits, and you have to prepare both mentally and physically. 

Then you have to do the thing


That's when a lot of us fail because it's hard and it's terrifying. Sometimes, we don't know where to start, or it's not the right time. Or maybe, we think we can't do it. These are the stories we tell ourselves. Those stories suck and we should change them. 

To get others on board with your idea, it has to matter to them. You have to tell them an interesting story; one that influences them to follow or become a part of it. 

Gear Show Podcast

These are the stories of interesting people - outdoor active professionals and athletes who have done cool things. We talk about why and how they did it. So we can  gear up mentally and physically for our next big leap. 

there is one thing I've learned


big leaps don't always go as planned but they alway opens doors and raise the bar for your next idea. Leaving you to literally feel and...

be on top of the world