Blogger's Brain and Thanking My Lucky Stars

thanking my lucky starsA Sunday story: "Why don't you blog about THAT?"

Patrick likes to ask me that question every day. Every. single. day. So far, I've curated out of your seeing eyes such topics as "why ground squirrels run across the street right in front of cars," and "why our neighbor is such a supreme a-hole." You can thank me later.

So it shouldn't surprise me when I lurched awake, claustrophobic from a dream I couldn't shake. I was stuck inside a blogger's brain and everything was coming out as snappy blog posts. I could only speak in punchy headlines and concise bullet points. It was making me sick to my stomach.

In the midst of my panic, I got to thank my lucky stars. Literally. We were sleeping outside under the stars to watch the Perseid Meteor shower and I always miss it because I have a tendency to fall asleep right away and sleep through the night.

I have a weird default mechanism in my head I've been battling that causes me to experience anxiety the minute I wake up. That's why I wrote about the Downy Commercial Tactic I use in the morning. My psychologist told me to make a mental list before I fall asleep each night of all the things that are going well in order to retrain the brain and stop that nonsense.

This night, I didn't need it, because I lay there watching the stars and immediately watched three shooting stars; and I smiled. It was a silent night other than the breathing of a Bernese Mountain dog (about my size) sleeping to one side, upside down, with his head towards my feet, a Black Lab sleeping at my feet, and a husband fast asleep on the other side. It was quiet.

I thanked my lucky stars.

PS. some blog posts don't have a lesson or a moral; just a random story.

Photo credit: Donovan Shorty, Flickr, creative commons