Skype Kisses and Text Hugs

Long distance relationshipWe debate the definition of sausage on skype chat. We have a dinner war on facebook, we kiss each other goodnight on facetime. We say good morning every single morning via text. Sometimes, we even video skype and work, without talking. It just makes us feel together. We tried skyping with the dogs but Jackson started to freak out when he heard my voice. So we stopped. Also they can’t see me.

Patrick said, "That’s because they aren’t elephants. They can’t see in color.” This made me laugh hysterically and I don’t buy it for a second.

These are the things we do to compensate for our now long distance relationship. I don’t recommend it, but I know there are a LOT of us out there who are doing it, have done it, or will have to do it at one time or another.

It doesn’t have to be the end of the world.

Outside of the technology, which is saving my sanity, there are other things I do to make it bearable –

I make food that I know he doesn't like. (he’s doing the same thing at home, trust me) He’s making chicken wings, duck, steak and I’m making dark leafy greens, brown rice, salmon and garbanzo beans.

I’ve been catching up on Sex and the City, I watched Cher in Burlesque, and cringed at Pierce Brosnan in Mamma Mia.

Nothing replaces being with my best friend every day in and out. Nothing, but here we are, on a path we chose together, and we make of it what we can.

We create ground rules –

  1. You can’t sign off skype chat without explaining where you are going
  2. We are the last person we text with each night and the first person in the morning
  3. There are some days when we aren't able to video chat, and we make that allowance, but agree we can’t make it habit.

Because we are both putting in a great daily effort to make time to communicate and share, we’ve created a deeper bond, and realized we’ve been taking some pretty simple things for granted. Like sitting together and having dinner.

Last week he sent me a picture of the dogs smiling at him. But I noticed the coat hanging over the railing which used to drive me nuts. Funny, now those things don’t matter anymore. But just in case he was feeling sad and missing me? I responded to the email:

Hey, why is that coat hanging on the railing?

We do what we have to do. Don't take your spouse/partner for granted.

Have you ever done the long-distance thing? What things did you do to cope?

PS, thanks to the Cheerful Curmudgeon for the image:

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