The Sweet Spot between Happiness and Ambition

balancing happiness and ambition My friends and family loved receiving my letters home from summer camp when I was a kid. They always said I should be a writer.

I became a storyteller. I derive great pleasure from telling a good story, and now I help my clients find and tell their story.

When I made the decision to step out and become a solo pr pro in 2004, I was petrified. I had no choice. I was no longer fulfilled in my job, and I live in a small town with few opportunities. Being unhappy just isn't an option for me, so I took the Big Leap. It's been immensely rewarding and challenging. I define my destiny and I act on it.

But it's not always what it's cracked up to be. When I'm busy, I'm working harder and more hours than I had intended to. What happened to moving to the mountains so I can enjoy powder days? And when it's not busy, I'm working harder and more hours than I intended to. oops.

Clearly, I chose the path of more resistance. And certainly in the current economic situation, in this rural area, I am encountering more resistance than, say two years ago. My friend Steve McKee wrote the book When Growth Stalls. He talks about finding your nerve. (are you following him on twitter?  Have you seen his blog?

I'll be honest, some days I need to find my nerve just to get out of bed and go to work. Some days I wouldn't mind pitching it all, and taking that barista job at the local coffeehouse.

The biggest challenge is finding the balance, that sweet spot between being content with your life, and wanting more. Is it possible to create a vision for the future, but still enjoy the journey along the way? Do you ever feel like its never enough? What would you do with two additional hours in the day?

This blog is about much more than my favorite professional pastimes, PR and social media. It's about finding happiness and not constantly striving for more, more more. It's about making the most of life, of every day  - the life stories and lessons, travel, food and wine.

I look forward to hearing your stories - what would YOU do with your two additional hours in the day?