Lindsey Richter: Mountain Biking is Life

The way you handle the stresses of mountain biking (or, even any outdoor adventure now that I think of it) translates to how you handle the stresses of life. Today, it’s going to get a little emotional and a little personal. The day I did this interview, I personally was having a difficult day and she helped turn that around pretty fast. We talk about low self-esteem, depression, and divorce.

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Christian Little on Turning Suffering into Growth

Christian Little had a mountain biking accident that would change her life forever. Honestly, it was a miracle she survived. Out of difficult times, comes a new trajectory for growth. 

It took physical, mental and mountain biking therapy as well as a lot of time for Christian to heal but out of that, her company Leap2Fly was born. Christian and her team of collaborators want to use the mountain bike to encourage and inspire others to live life to fullest on and off the bike by way of MTB retreats in the USA, Canada, and New Zealand.

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Hilary Oliver on Showcasing Women's Perspective in Outdoor Film

Today, we’re going to talk about doing your craft because you love it, not because it makes you rich. It is fulfilling to be involved in something you love, without the pressure of having to make money doing it. Hilary will tell us how that impacts the experience of creating as well as the outcome. Also, you'll learn how she broke into freelance writing and then parlayed that into filmmaking. 

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Brian Harder on ACL Injury: Advice from an Impatient Patient

We don’t want to think about it but I’m sure lots of us do. What happens if/when we blow our knee? What does it mean when that happens; what are the mechanics that contribute to it; what choices need to be made for treatment and recovery? There are many things to consider, and today, Brian Harder, a frequent guest and good friend shares his philosophy, sadly, from personal experience.

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Rene Unser on Trail Running, Pushing Through Suffering and Achieving “Elephant Moments” 

Rene Unser, trail runner, coach and founder of Pace Sport Fitness, race director of a fantastically challenging but fun series of Canadian trail races - whose mission is to motivate others to be better runners. 

Sometimes we get pulled into trying something. But we suck at the beginning. we equate sucking with hating the thing.

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Sarah Wood on Progression: From Beginner to Kicking Ass

This is a story about someone who led a varied career that might seem, to the uninitiated, sort of disjointed but turned into a very natural progression of one thing leading to the next. Sarah ended up with a unique combination of experiences and skills to land her where she is now, doing what she loves. (For those of us who feel like we are wandering aimlessly, maybe don't worry about that so much anymore and let it ride.)

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Amy Schweim: The Net Positive Effect of Low Periods in Life

Amy Schweim, today’s guest lives in Oaxaca, Mexico where she guides single and multi-day trips, there and in Spain and Peru. Her business, Women’s Radical Pursuits, combines mountain biking, yoga and mindfulness designed to inspire and empower women through adventure travel trips.

How she got to here, from being a school teacher in the States, is a great story with two catalysts, one of them being heartbreak. 

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Saying Yes to Adventure: Preparing for, Surviving, and (actually) Enjoying a Seven-Day Backcountry Ski Trip

Today's episode will hopefully inspire you to do the thing that pushes you out of your comfort zone. It’s just me sharing an experience I had last month at Selkirk Mountain Experience, a trip that pushed me beyond my limits not only physically, but also mentally. It was scary. it was awe-inspiring. After I knew I'd survive it, it was amazing. 

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