Amy Schweim: The Net Positive Effect of Low Periods in Life

Amy Schweim, today’s guest lives in Oaxaca, Mexico where she guides single and multi-day trips, there and in Spain and Peru. Her business, Women’s Radical Pursuits, combines mountain biking, yoga and mindfulness designed to inspire and empower women through adventure travel trips.

How she got to here, from being a school teacher in the States, is a great story with two catalysts, one of them being heartbreak. 

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Saying Yes to Adventure: Preparing for, Surviving, and (actually) Enjoying a Seven-Day Backcountry Ski Trip

Today's episode will hopefully inspire you to do the thing that pushes you out of your comfort zone. It’s just me sharing an experience I had last month at Selkirk Mountain Experience, a trip that pushed me beyond my limits not only physically, but also mentally. It was scary. it was awe-inspiring. After I knew I'd survive it, it was amazing. 

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