Amy Schweim: The Net Positive Effect of Low Periods in Life


Amy Schweim, today’s guest lives in Oaxaca, Mexico where she guides single and multi-day trips, there and in Spain and Peru. Her business, Women’s Radical Pursuits, combines mountain biking, yoga and mindfulness designed to inspire and empower women through adventure travel trips.

How she got to here, from being a school teacher in the States, is a great story with two catalysts, one of them being heartbreak. 

Amy is proof that periods of difficulty can lead to a higher trajectory.

It reminds me of this awesome quote from Ariana Huffington: 

“I have an incredible trust in life. One of my favorite quotes is a little misquote: ‘Live life as though everything is rigged in your favor.’ I really profoundly believe that whatever has happened in my life, including the biggest heartbreaks, the biggest disappointments, was exactly what was needed to help me get to the next stage of my own personal evolution and growth. I always had a sense of that, but now I believe that so profoundly. I can literally see the hidden blessing in every bad thing that happened.” 

Amy will share with us how she decided to move to Central America, how she launched her business, why it is so much fun to ride with rad ladies and a lot more. With that, let’s listen in and gear up for what’s next:  

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