Cross Training for the Best Performance of Your Life

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As I get older, I start to feel like a used car with a laundry list of faulty parts: "Ow, my knee, oops, my shoulder feels tight. Oy, my achilles tendon.." It is always something, and it often keeps us from doing what we want to do, and from getting better.

Today we’ll talk about one of the most important pieces of gear we have - our bodies, and the importance of strength training to prevent chronic injury and support the play we want to do in the wilderness. As our guest, Jen Fisher puts it, we need to be physically prepared and do a lot to support our bodies to be able to fully enjoy the outdoors. Jen Fisher is a personal trainer, owner of The Shed Gym in Sandpoint, Idaho, race director for the Sandpoint Scenic Half Marathon and host of Functional Health Radio Show.

Jen designs workouts for the members of her gym based on their specific objectives. We let her know when we’ll be in, and find our workouts, or torture sheets, as I like to call them, waiting for us on the board.

In today’s episode we’ll look at the important areas of focus and why developing strength inside the gym is key to getting better outside the gym. We’ll discuss what a seasonal training program might look like and why you shouldn’t be at the same level of activity year round. Jen gives us the tools we need to find out, and develop a plan around our specific areas of weakness and or chronic pain issues. Be careful - we often misdiagnose what we think is going wrong. Lastly, she’ll share the one big thing not to skimp on.

How to race or run better than you ever have been. it’s not as hard as you think it is. 

  • Support the work we do
  • Work on speed and agility
  • Misdiagnosing our pain
  • Major areas of focus
  • Frequency and duration


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