Dina Mishev on Chasing Dreams And Taking the Scenic Route to Get There

dina mishev
dina mishev

Some of you knew what you wanted to do with your life at a young age while others of us (me included) sort of wandered into it. I've always been envious of the people who took the straight line from A and B but as I get older, I realize there is something to be said for taking the "scenic route" kind of like Dina Mishev, today's guest, did.

Dina deferred entry to law school to move to Jackson Hole with two goals: learn to ski and run into Harrison Ford. The detour opened door after door for her that eventually led to her becoming a travel writer for magazines and online publications such as Sunset and The Washington Post. She is the Jackson Hole expert for Travel and Leisure

She didn't make it back to law school. Apparently the Harrison Ford thing didn't work out either. I forgot to ask but I'm pretty sure it would have come up again.

When the media landscape began to shift in the past decade, she shifted accordingly, now editing three magazines: Jackson Hole magazine, RANGE, and Inspirato.

When cancer struck, she had to adapt, again. We talked about adaptation, perspective, things not going to plan, and much more.

A few things really struck me with the conversation and I think it bears repeating here: First, is having the perseverance to pursue that which you want. Dina sent out 1483 queries for her first travel writing assignment and instead of being discouraged by the single assignment she received, her reaction was “their loss” to the “NOs” and the unresponsive. 

On dealing with cancer and MS, Dina said, "It’s crazy what your body can get used to. Physically, my body can get used to a new normal much quicker than my mind and emotions can.”

I thought about that later while I was listening to the interview during editing. I wish I had noticed it when we were talking so we could have discussed it more. It’s so true - our minds and the story we tell ourselves can be far more destructive if we allow them. That’s something I talked about a few episodes ago in my backcountry ski trip, when I let my mind spiral myself into insanity

I hope you'll listen up (for the whole discussion) and gear up for what’s next for you!

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