Jeff Thompson on Wildlife Encounters (and Not Being First)


When I first scheduled Jeff to do this episode, I was thinking it was actually going to put my mind at ease. I’m not totally sure that happened. Nevertheless, it’s good to have this conversation about wildlife encounters, if nothing else, to gain some respect for the outdoors. You know, not take certain things for granted.

Jeff Thompson is a returning guest - he is the executive director of the Idaho Panhandle Avalanche Center and has been a Forest Service ranger for decades. We’ll talk about some common sense measures one can take to mitigate the danger in the wilderness. Nothing is failsafe of course, because animals are unpredictable but do not fear, you have greater odds getting hurt commuting to work than you do playing in the woods. Oh. wait. I guess I gave you something NEW to fear. 


What you’ll learn today: 

  • How to use bear spray and what to know
  • Preventative measures to take in the wilderness
  • Best practices for dogs in the wilderness

So listen in and gear up for what's next: 

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