Katie Adams' Dream Trip to Norway With Salomon TV


Salomon asked runners from around the world to share their running dream trip. Over 3000 people applied but only one was chosen. Katie Adams, of Sandpoint, Idaho. Katie embarked on the trip with Emelie Forsberg and Ida Nilsson top female trail runners. They explored the Norwegian fjords and mountains by boat before setting off on foot and spending their days running from hut to hut.

a dream come true

Katie joins us in today's episode to tell us how, encouraged by her husband Gwen LeTutour, she applied for and won the trip. We'll learn how it all played out. Was it as fun as one would expect? Was it cool to hang out with Emilie and Ida? We also discuss the love and awesomeness of trail running and finally talk a bit about the work Gwen and Katie are doing to raise awareness about important causes and help people on their journey to find happiness through being outside and eating better.

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