Comparing Fear Thresholds with a Ski Mountaineer - a metaphor on life

threshold for fear

I think today’s episode will change the way you tackle projects that scare the hell out of you. It did for me.

Whether I’m mountain biking, skiing, prepping for a client presentation, a speaking engagement, or even just a difficult conversation, inevitably, something makes me nervous, if not downright panic-stricken. And then I ask why I do this to myself, and then I'm stoked with the accomplishment. So I get myself into something stupid that scares the hell out of me again, and I wonder again - and the cycle continues.

This week, I turned to my ski mountaineer friend - someone who seems to have no fear at all - to talk about exposure to risk, uncertainty, skill set, mental capacity and increasing your threshold for fear. I mean seriously, the photo doesn't do justice to what he's standing on. Who does that? But of course, fear is subjective and we have a fun chat about how different we are, and how to get better at overcoming our fears, and generally making progress in whatever it is you are doing. Also - it's totally important (and cliché) to scare yourself. 

We talk about climbing and mountain biking, but we also talk about quitting jobs and life goals, and so much more. Stop reading and go click and listen.

We'll also discuss:

  • The Fun Scale
  • How to get better

We want to know what you do to combat your own fears. Have a story about a time you had to talk yourself through the ledge? I'd love to know.

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