Sarah Brown on Training for Olympic Trials Pregnant and Competing Postpartum

sarah brown on training

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Sometimes dreams go sideways. It happens to all of us at what time or another - things don't go as planned and we have to choose how to react, respond and move on. When listener (and friend! and colleague!) Rachael Seda Brown first heard The Gear Show podcast, she told me I had to have Sarah Brown on. When Sarah agreed, we were both ecstatic. 

Sarah Brown is a two-Time USATF World Championships team member and professional track & field athlete for Team New Balance. She’ll share her story about her unexpected pregnancy while training for the 2016 Olympic Trials and going on to compete in said trials four months postpartum. Her full story can be found in the ESPN documentary 30 for 30 web series.

We'll talk about how dreams can sometimes go sideways (don't they almost always?) and also about training and running pregnant and postpartum. This is kind of funny because I’ve never been pregnant, so in some ways I’m wholly unqualified to be doing this episode but thankfully, I have you. my listener submitted questions. We'll spend the first half learning what specific gear she used, and things like how to do a long run when you have to go to the bathroom the second after you go to the bathroom.

Thanks again to Rachael for the guest intro and if you have a guest idea, please share it with me in the comments.

Links mentioned in episode:

  • Run Mama Run Series - Sarah's full story on ESPN W
  • Mombod
  • Powertap - app for managing all your cycling sensors and simultaneously uploading your data to all your favorite sites such as MapMyRide and Training Peaks

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