Staying Motivated Through Adversity to Finish Your Own Ironman

staying motivated adversity ironman

If we're being honest, which I always am, I have no desire to do a half or full Ironman. My friend Celeste finished hers in June 2016 and I was at the finish cheering her on. Her first words to me when she exited the finish chute:

That sucked.

It confirmed for me that my best role when it comes to anything with the word Ironman in it is cheering from the stands. As today's guest's biggest cheerleader (Tom Garrity's Dad) said:

Encouragement doesn’t have a price. 

We each have “our own Ironman.” It might be a 5k. It might be climbing Everest. It might be applying for the job you have your eye on. Doesn’t matter.

Today, my friend, Tom Garrity, owner of The Garrity Group, joins us to share how he trained for and competed in the Ironman 70.3 Boulder, crossed the finish line with his arm in a sling, and still achieved a personal record.

Tom’s story of getting active didn’t even start until his late forties. It's never too late, really. From couch to marathon training, to ultras to Ironman 70.3 - that’s a Type A character if I’ve ever met one, all while running his PR agency.

There is no shortage of laughter in our conversation as well as ideas for keeping motivated for those mornings you just don’t want to get out of bed.

Here are some things covered in our conversation:

  • The key to motivation.
  • Why you don’t have to be a top finisher to achieve big goals.
  • How to keep it real - and find the balance between pushing yourself but knowing your boundaries and strengths. (For example, my strength in any Ironman is from the sidelines. As mentioned earlier.)
  • Training and juggling running a business. Hint: Don’t expect a three-step framework here. There is no answer.
  • The awesome story of working through adversity to finish his second half Ironman and not only finish, but achieve his best performance.

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