Tracey Creedon on Skiing in Japan, New Zealand and Australia

Who wants to dream with me of skiing in faraway places?

I have a long conversation with Tracey Creedon, an Australian-born ski guide based in Hokkaido, Japan and New Zealand. And Australia depending on the time of year. Tracey is a soul sister, so to speak, who loves snow as much, if not more, than I do. Maybe more because she’s figured out a life where much of it is spent on snow. I met Tracey in Hokkaido, where she took Patrick and me on one of the best ski tours of our lives. You'll have to listen on to hear that story.

Today we’ll learn about how she pursued a life on snow, overcame a battle with cancer and now works and travels the world to ski. Most of all, if you’ve been considering going to New Zealand, Australia or Japan to ski, her information is far deeper and more informative than any guide book is.

So listen on and lets gear up for what’s next: 

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