Trail Running: Overcoming Suffering and Achieving Elephant Moments

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I’ve blogged about Rene Unser, today’s podcast guest before. The amazing events she and her team produce are a great illustration of how to integrate story with customer experience. integrating story into your customer experienceThis photo shows her doing what she loves, greeting every race finisher with a pom pom toting finish line hug.

Today, I’m pretty excited to share with you our conversation on trail running, overcoming suffering, and getting better at something - it doesn't have to be just trail running. 

Professional trail runner and coach, Rene Unser shares with us her training philosophy and habits and tips she incorporates into her every day life as it relates to rest, recovery, and hydration. Along the way, she shares some pretty moving stories and experiences.

This is about much more than trail running - it’s about finding your “thing,” maybe hating it at first, then falling in love with it. Even if you aren’t a trail runner, Rene’s story will make you fall in love with it. As in any of Gear Show episodes, I hope there is always a bigger lesson in life and work. 

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